Sparkflow | PSD Uploader: Create ads easily & fast!
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PSD Uploader: Create ads easily & fast!

PSD Uploader: Create ads easily & fast!

The PSD Uploader has arrived to our Studio!
Our Innovation Team keeps developing features for creatives.
Creating you own Ads has never been easier and faster.  Import your Photoshop (.psd) files with your own creative into your workspace and cut out the complexity of recreating the design again.

How does it works?
As any other image file, just drag and drop the Photoshop file to the canvas or open the upload dialog from the image library.
Once uploaded, Studio will automatically do the following:

    • Recognize all the layers
    • Identify the best optimization scheme to apply. Basically, rasterizes the layer to PNG or JPEG with some degree of compression.
    • Add all this optimized individuals layers to the image library.

After the import process completes you may be asked “The PSD file has X layers. Do you like to add them to the current Scene?”. This will happen if you’ve imported a .psd which contains more than one layer. The imported layers in the image library will also “remember” it’s relative position on X and Y axis.

Not all Photoshop features are supported in Studio. Specific layer functionality, filters, masks and adjust layers may be omitted if not supported.

What are you waiting to try it out?