Sparkflow | “Limits, like fear, is often an illusion…”
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“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion…”

“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion…”

“I really like the product. Unlike my old jobs, I can put my knowledge and experience to help to improve the product and the business and this is a great defiance for me. We are old friends and working with this kind of confidence of course, it’s a plus”.

Ruben Capizzano, our new COO, is really a cool guy. He has a 360º industry vision and great experience about Ad-serving, Ad-formats, Rich Media industry and Analytics. He has been working for top advertising companies like United Virtualities, Admotion and Eyeblaster/Mediamind/Sizmek. And now we are happy to have him on board.

An advice for creating amazing ads with Sparkflow´s AD Creator Studio?
As Ludwig van der Rohe said “less is more”. You should use your criteria in the best way. Optimize your elements as much as possible, handle your elements between scenes in a ordered mode and combine at least two of our Widgets for example: Video Sequence + Twitter Feed or 360 Gallery + Draggable zones, etc.

A blog to recommend? I’m a geeky guy, so I love Lifehacker.
There is a lot of great tips of a lot of different topics.

A Twitter account? Sorry for being redundant, but this is a great feed for Industry. News, trends, events, job offers, info about events. Everything in a single place and always first than other feeds.

A movie?
I love horror movies, so for me “The Exorcist” is THE MOVIE.
I was four years old when I saw it for first time. I could not sleep for a couple of days…

A book?
“The lord of poisons” by Enrique Symns.
Like a local Hunter Thompson or William Burroughs, Enrique Symns describes the his wild way of living in the Argentinian underground scene at 80s. It’s a great book to read it without stop, specially in vacations.

I have a rock band called “Indeleble”, I’m a big fan of my soccer team River Plate and also I collect Comics, Trading Cards, retro toys, etc.

Favorite quote?
“Limits, like fear, is often an illusion…” Michael Jordan

Thanks Rubén!