Sparkflow | ADS TO WATCH: Interactive gallery for NIKE FREE!
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ADS TO WATCH: Interactive gallery for NIKE FREE!

ADS TO WATCH: Interactive gallery for NIKE FREE!

May has been an interesting month: Sparkflow developed an amazing campaign for the latest NIKE FREE shoe model.
Using the Dynamic Capabilities of the platform to easily deliver to each region with the relevant ad version, the campaign was delivered simultaneously in 7 different countries: UK, NL, DE, SE, FR, IT & ES!

Ad features:

  • A video sequence that showcased  Nike’s slogan “Be the force of nature”, which showed the Kenyan National Running Team training with the latest shoe model, the “Nike Free”
  • An interactive photo gallery with the different types of models of this new collection.

This compelling ad was developed with our AD Studio in just 2 days, and its coverage was 100% mobile (in web and in app environments), Tablet and Desktop.

Advertiser: NIKE
Media: Mindshare
Creative: Digitaland
Built using: Sparkflow´s Studio


Get dazzled by this awesome experience: